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Let's meet! Few words about our council.

PhD student association of Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences was founded in 2021. Currently our association consist of seven members who activly work towards PhD students of our school. We have the clear goal of developing the student community and the realization of students' rights and their welfare at Jagiellonian University. We have a chance to grow our idea about many aspects of PhD programs, express our opinion and we have chosen to do something useful for our society. We put an effort to create a strong PhD student community, through creation and participation in different social and science activities. 

The responsibilities of the PhD Student Council include:

  • representing doctoral students and protecting their interests.
  • assessing and giving opinions on PhD programs at the doctoral school
  • expressing opinions on matters submitted by the authorities of the doctoral school
  • giving opinions on the appointment and dismissal of the Head of Doctoral individual PhD programs and the Head of Doctoral School.
  • agreeing on or giving opinions on the candidate for the head of the education program at the doctoral school
  • electing PhD student representatives to the doctoral school council.
  • cooperation and integration of PhD students from all study programs at the Doctoral School
  • Supporting and conducting scientific, cultural and sports activities of PhD students.